Esthetic Smile Design

Novadays, increasingly large numbers of patients became caring esthetic appearance in their dental treatments therefore Esthetic Dentistry became one of the main areas of the dental practice. Esthetic smile design is one of the procedure which includes analysis of lower face, lips, teeth and gummy tissues.

Esthetic dentistry provide you a healthy and beautiful smile which will show you more confident, happy and believable which will offer you more success in your job and daily life.

The procedures of estetic smile design is very complex and needs a number of visual data. It should involve some elements in sequence like facial, dento-facial, dento-labial (relationship of teeth and lips), dento-gingival analysis and finally dental analysis (intertooth relationships, form and position of teeth). At the begining a number of photos are taken in different positions of lips, teeth and face. Following visual datas are evaluated according to sciencetific facial ratios a restoration plan of teeth and even gum tissues is done. Restoration procedures may contain laminate porcelain veneers, zirconia or all-ceramic crowns, tooth like composite fillings and some plastic surgeries on gums. Also missing tooth areas may be replaced by implant supported crowns.

…Your ultimate satisfaction and happy smile is our main mission and goal.