Metal-Porcelain Crowns

Metal ceramic crowns are a traditional form of crown often used in single crowns or bridges. Another name of Metal-ceramic crown is a “porcelain fused to metal” crown. They consist of a metal base or substructure which is fused to porcelain crowns. The metal interior can be produced from Cr and Co alloy and this is what gives this crown its strength. This type of crowns are both robust and long lasting. They fits better than many other types of crowns and to have greater strength as well. Also these crowns are cheaper than other types of crowns, for example full ceramic and zirconia crowns.


There are some aesthetic issues with metal ceramic crowns. In partial works (the cases in which not all of teeth are crowned) the color harmony of natural teeth and crowns may not be fully provided due to opacity reflected from metal base under ceramic. However, a high skilled dental technician can reverse this disadvantage with a high quality and aesthetic work.