Teeth Bleaching – Whitening


Teeth Whitening procedure

Teeth Whitening procedure

Teeth bleaching, also known as whitening is a common procedure in esthetic dentistry. Most of people prefer to have whiter teeth that provide more healty smile. Tooth whitening procedures restores natural tooth color even whitens beyond the natural color. Bleaching is made by using some oxidizing chemical agents on tooth surface. There are two types of teeth bleaching procedure: in-office bleaching which is done by dentist in clinic with power light devices and at-home bleaching which is done by patient using plastic trays at home fabricated by dentist.

In-office bleaching technique is known to be more effective than at-home bleaching due to using higher concentrations of oxidizing agents using power light devices and and it takes shorter time than at-home beaching.

We must remind that quality of bleaching agent effects long term stability of whitening scale. In our clinic ZOOM® brand bleaching agent is used.

Bleaching can whiten the teeth up to 2 to 3 tones of color scale.